10 Extremely Useful Handpicked Android Apps

Our smartphone is our personal virtual assistant, isn’t it? When you purchase any smartphone just for making calls and messages, it’s just like using a jet engine fan to dry your hairs.  The evolution of recent trends in technology has made the things easier, in other words we are more capable as compared to people lived in 1960, because of technology. The mobile phone invented by martin cooper was just a start, and look how it is changed now..!! So instead of using the mobile just for basic purpose doesn’t make sense. In this post I have brought 10 handpicked useful Android apps to make your smartphone even better. Now, without wasting any time, let’s check it out.

10 Extremely Useful Handpicked Android Apps

The 10 Handpicked useful Android apps are as follows..

# 1  ES File Explorer –

As the name suggests it’s a file explorer for your smartphone but does it tells that the app has more than 15 unique and extremely useful functions in it? Some smartphones may have this as an inbuilt app but if your phone doesn’t have that then install it now. This is the package with features like App Manager, Download Manager, SD Card Analyst, Net Manager and connection manager for LAN, FTP, and Bluetooth etc. It is also an image, music, document, media viewer for most of the formats.

# 2  Getjar Rewards –

Do you purchase apps, games from Google Playstore? Or do you wish to purchase? Then wait, you may get those apps for free (no dirty method). Getjar rewards is just like a bank and the currency is known as Getjar Gold or Points. Basically you are supposed to download and try (at least open for one time) certain apps (like flipkart, ebay etc) and then you gets reward for that in the form of getjar gold or points (meaning is same). When you purchase any app then without paying money from your pocket you could use getjar gold for payment if there is such payment option in concerned app.

# 3  Auto Call Recorder –

When your friend makes you a call to any important information, but if you don’t have any notepad with you then what will you do? Probably you will waste some time to find a piece of paper to note down that information. Auto call recorder is developed to avoid such situations. As the name suggests, this app records the calls automatically. You can record incoming, outgoing, either or both calls automatically. The app also has a facility to sync your data with cloud storage.

# 4  Flash Transfer –

This app is file transfer app that transfers files faster than Bluetooth. Unfortunately this is not available on Playstore. Don’t miss this detailed tutorial on flash transfer.

# 5  Clean Master –

Does your phone is getting hang more often? If yes then this is for you. Clean master is a utility app for cleaning junk, temporary files from your device that causes damage for the overall performance. The app also has facilities like App manager that will help you to select default storage of apps and it will suggest you those files which are consuming most space. It will also clean call, messages, and browser logs etc for you after your consent.

# 6  Ringtone Maker Pro –

This app provides the option to turn your favourite songs into the ringtone of your device. This app is so user friendly that any kid can also make ringtones from this. This app will show you the entire list of audio files available in your device and then you can choose any of them to get started.

# 7  BT Remote PC –

Do you know you can turn your smartphone into wireless a keyboard and mouse? This is a free (paid available) utility that provides this option through Bluetooth. Check out this detailed dedicated post about this app.

# 8  DU Battery Saver –

Du Battery saver is basically developed in such a way that it kills unwanted background programs and tasks which unnecessarily consumes your battery. This results in some increment in the over all battery backup for your device. The primary DU battery saver is free but there is also the pro version available that could be purchased with Getjar Gold.

# 9  Android Device Manager –

This is an app from Google (official) to manage your device remotely. You can wipe out your data, find the exact location of your device if it has been stolen. This is an important app through security point of view as you can save your data from being misused in worst case scenario by wiping out it remotely from your computer.

# 10  Smart Cam –

Again, an app that can turn your device into a wireless web cam. If you don’t have web camera then don’t worry, you can easily convert (for a while) your smartphone into a web cam. Read this brief post to get the idea of how it works?

And this list is finished here. You can get the latest information about useful apps also through subscribing "The Enosal" on various social sites.How was the article? I know you have at least one (or even more) app/s that is/are useful (don’t lie) and don’t hesitate to share that here.


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