5 Sure Fire Ways to Control Your Anger

Anger is destructive stage of mind. There are plenty of situations which causes anger to anyone in different time, place. I think anger is worst situation that is responsible for many unwanted things or activities. It is true that human gets angry if there is any unfavourable or unwanted thing is taking place, but on the other hand it is also necessary to wrap up that anger quickly so that many destructive activities can be avoided.  As we are aware of the fact that being angry is not good for our health, thus we should control our anger as soon as we can.

5 Sure Fire Ways to Control Your Anger
 Today we are going to have a look on some sure fire ways to control anger, so here we go..

# 1 Love, Care and Forgive-

Loving and caring attitude helps us to control our anger.  Love, care towards our friends, family and relative, colleagues can contribute to reduce your short tempered habit. It is a wonderful feeling that you love and care about someone, and the same feeling distracts your mind from your angry attitude. Loving and caring is the necessary part of peaceful living, and the peaceful living is far away from anger. Loving and caring others is an art of living, and we should learn that art for better life.

# 2 Live in Presence –

Some people live in past and some in future, there are few people who live in presence.  Living in presence is not meant psychically but it is about psychologically. Those who live in presence can deal effectively with the emotional issues such as anger thus we should always live in presence.  Those who are always in past are often nostalgic and those who live in future are either day dreamers or the persons with worries. Living in presence is in simple words means living tension free, and tension free living means less anger.

# 3 Flip the Coin –

There are always two sides to any situation just similar to any coin. You should flip the coin of situation before getting angry, not only flipping but you should try to understand the other side politely. Although you might be right at your side but that doesn't mean that the other side is wrong. Sometimes such situations occur when both the sides are correct and no one is wrong, thus you will not get angry when you will be aware of the situation of other side.

# 4 Keep Calm –

Sometimes we get angry because of psychological reasons, In such cases we must keep calm. Some matters do not requires our interference, so we should keep calm and carry on whenever such situations occur. I think “keep calm & carry on” is the best life statement that we can adopt.  Such statements can definitely reduce our anger.

# 5 Read Books –

Getting engaged in something like distracting our mind from a particular thing which irritates us. Reading books is a good option for getting engaged.  There is another side for this, a book gives us knowledge and knowledge makes man polite so a polite person is one having control on his anger. Keep reading, acquire knowledge be polite and you will find that your anger is controlled automatically.

These are five sure fire ways through which you can control your anger. I am sure you will find this article useful.


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