5 Truly Innovative Ways to Enjoy This Summer

Summer, an unavoidable season of nature cycle. Although this season is necessary for the nature it irritates us after a certain point. Apart from necessity it could be boring for some people those who hate summer. As it is perpetual truth that we can’t change the season but there are certain ideas that we can use to reduce the intensity of the summer at least on the personal level.  Today in this article, we are going to have a look on those ideas that are useful during the summer to reduce the intensity of it. Ideas that will distract you from the summer and you can enjoy these days with joy.

5 Truly Innovative Ways to Enjoy This Summer

Following are the 5 truly innovative ways to enjoy this summer. Let’s check them one by one, here we go..

# 1.  Indoor Games –

This is the perfect time to enjoy the indoor games. Some indoor games like carom, Zenger, and chess are the good options because the whole family can enjoy it. Instead of sleeping in the afternoon playing indoor games is definitely a preferable option.  So go on, and start playing, I am sure you will find relaxation from this.  This will bring freshness for your mind so that you can make the atmosphere interesting.

# 2.  Read Books –

If you are alone, and you have no companion to play with you then you can read books. A book irrespective what the topic is provides knowledge as well as you can spend your time.  If you don’t have a single book, you could join any library or if you have Smart phone then there are thousands of free e-books available in the market such as play store. Just find some and start reading.

# 3.  Explore Creativity –

Here the best part comes in. In boring days such as summer, you could explore your creativity. Preparing your very own personalized scrapbook or photo album, craft work, handmade things are the few examples. You could find talent inside you which was hidden since long time. Do whatever you like so that your mind will remain busy thus the summer will not irritate you.

# 4.  Gardening –

Gardening inside your home (such as balcony gardening) could be a coolest idea.  If you are person that is nature lover then no doubt, this thing will give you joy and satisfaction. You can plant bushes such as money plants, caring and observing the plants and their growth will keep you engaged in this work. If you are a nature lover, you need not be a gardening expert, basic knowledge is enough to enjoy the gardening. Come on, and start gardening, its beautiful.

# 5.  Internet surfing –

A room with fast Internet connection and no one to disturb around you is just heaven, at least for me. World Wide Web has made the things easier and wonderful like never before. You can learn new things, connect with your friends, and explore the world and through services like Google Street view you can even travel abroad virtually. The Internet is giving everything for free (the nominal Internet charges are absolutely nothing as compared to what we are getting).  So if you have device with a Internet connection, then go on and enjoy the virtual world.

The summer is getting more and more boring, these are the few ideas through which we can make it interesting. Do you have more ideas? Don’t hesitate to drop them here..


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 ×

Useful post esp. with the summer now, gardening is the best choice which also helps in creative development in kids :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 ×

Hello Umamaheswari,
I agree, in the era of global warming we must inculcate the importance of nature among next generations.
Welcome to Enosal :)


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