Don’t Travel Abroad Without Reading This..!!

Travelling is one of the essential aspect of exploring the world and when it comes to foreign trip, there is nothing that could be compared with this pleasure. Apart from businessmen, photographers there are many people who travel abroad just for fun and to explore new things. When we travel abroad, some things become important and essential which we must consider. Today, in this post, we are going to have a look on such things which we must perform to make our foreign trip easier, beautiful, stress free and most importantly secure.

Don’t Travel Abroad Without Reading This..!!

The following are the things, which play an important role in any foreign trip.

# 1 Native language –

If you are travelling in the country which has different native language than your motherland then it becomes necessary to learn at least few basic words and sentences of that language such as excuse me, please help, I am lost, could you please tell me where the xxx location is?, can I use your telephone please?, thank you, my name is xxx. You should also carry a dictionary of that language with you. English is not the most spoken language worldwide so don’t depend on English language. You can learn almost any language online for free.

# 2 Approved Visa –

It is your license to arrive and stay in the foreign country. Make sure you have properly documented visa with you, as it is a most important document during a foreign trip. In some countries, visa is handed over after your arrival in that country, thus acquire the appropriate concerned information and always double check it. Also have a look on the terms and conditions mentioned in concerned documents. If you are visiting on a student visa, then you are not allowed to work there (for monetary consideration).

# 3 Health care –

If you are a patient then it is necessary for you to carry your medicines for maintaining good health.  But some countries like Saudi Arabia have strict policy regarding carrying drugs. Before carrying any types of medicines/drugs make sure it is allowed. You can also consult a good advocate for satisfaction of your queries not regarding only the law of drugs but also overall information regarding rules and regulations. It is said, precaution is better than cure, so take precaution.

# 4 Luggage –

The lesser luggage you will carry the even better joy you will get. Consider small things such as availability of laundry in the country in which you are going. If you are on a personal/informal tour then don’t carry unnecessary burden of formal wear. If you are planning to visit a beach, then don’t forget to carry your swimming costume.

# 5 Health insurance –

Carry the documents related with your health insurance as some insurance companies entertains claims also outside the country. Make sure you have no pending premiums on your health insurance policy, this will reduce the possibility of legal disputes in case of emergency.

# 6 Security –

Although this point is taken at the end, it is an extremely important point. Whenever you would visit a foreign country, don’t forget to inform about your foreign trip to the embassy of your country situated in the country of your trip. Also submit the copies of your visa for your safety. Do respect & follow the rules and regulations of that country as an ideal tourist and don’t even try to commit any offence.

These are some of important things which needs to be considered while visiting abroad. What is your opinion? Comment below and improve this article.


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