How Do I Save up to 40% Cost of Mobile, Dish Tv Recharge [Monthly]

This post is especially written for the mobile/DTH subscribers situated in India, thus if you are from another country then it is better for you to move on another post as this post is absolutely none of your business.
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How Do I Save up to 40% Cost of Mobile, Dish Tv Recharge

Are you still with me? Great.. Let’s carry on to the topic. As per recent statistics, most of the people in India are using mobile connections falling under prepaid category rather than postpaid. Its simple and cost effective that’s why I am one of the numerous prepaid subscribers.  In some metro cities in India, It is also mandatory for television subscribers to use Set top box (eg- DTH, Tata Sky etc) so people are subscribing with these branded dish services providers. Dish TV services are also prepaid mostly. Today I am goanna show you, how do I save up to 40% cost on mobile and DTH recharges in each month.
Let’s have a look on the trick which is genuine, effective as well as cost saving.

It is general tendency to recharge our mobile & DTH through retailers. Now the number of subscribers, who are using internet as a medium for recharge is also growing day by day. Although official websites of concerned services provide facility to recharge cellular as well as DTH account online, I never use them (yeah, it doesn’t matter from where you are doing a recharge, seriously)   Here is what I do differently, what my friends don’t  (probably they will follow me after reading this post). I use a website which gives me cash back for the each recharge I do through them (I always do it when the website brings exciting offers, website provides minimum 5 to 10 offers each month). Plus I get the coupons redeemable on the other websites (such as, etc) or in the outlets (such as pizza hut or Mac-D etc) which are amounted to the equal amount with which I recharge.

The website is (don’t get confused with freerecharge) which gives me such tremendous offers for each recharge that I do through them.  The site provides 50% cash back offer minimum twice a month and 20% cash back offer which is available minimum 4 times in a month. There is no restriction of period for acquiring coupons, those are available 24x7. You are also entitled to enjoy the offers when you pay the postpaid bills through freecharge.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure you have read all the terms and conditions carefully which are posted with each offer on their official facebook page.
  • You MUST enter the valid promo code to enjoy the benefit of any cashback offer, you can acquire promo code from anywhere or you can get it from official freerecharge facebook page.
  • Don’t proceed if your promo code is not valid (if you wish to enjoy cashback). Hunt for another code. You can check the validity of any promo code before payment.
  • Some offers are available specifically on android app or normal website or mobile website or for all mediums. Read the terms carefully and choose appropriate medium.
  • You will get cashback through freecharge credits. One freecharge credit is equal to one Indian rupee.  You can also purchase freecharge credits for future use. It has unlimited validity.
  • You can use debit card, credit card, net banking and freecharge credit or both for the same transaction.
  • If anything goes wrong, nothing to worry. You get the entire amount through freecharge credit immediately so you can try again by using it.
  • Like and subscribe facebook page so that you will get real time offers regularly (probably 5 to 10 times in a month).
  • Do all of your recharges when there are available offers.
  • Once again, read all the terms and conditions carefully before recharge.
  • If you are recharging your cell phone, then recharge it with full talk time offer. You can get the real time information in freecharge Android app.

To make understanding easier, here is an example..

If your monthly budget is Rs.500/- then you can easily save up to Rs.200/- by using cash back promo codes. Thus yearly saving will be (200x12) Rs.2400/-. This means you will get almost 5 months (4.5 months approx) of service absolutely for free in each year. Additionally you will get coupons worth Rs.6,000/- absolutely free.

At the end of this article, I will recommend you to register couple of accounts to multiply benefits. According to me there is nothing wrong if you are using up to two accounts (make sure you are not the owner of both the accounts, use second account on behalf of your family member with his consent). First open your account and then ask your family member to open another account on his own name then you can ask him to his share account credentials, and from next time you can use single promo code on both accounts.
So what are you waiting for? Click here and start using freecharge and enjoy the offers and save up to 40% of the total monthly recharging expenses.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014 ×

Up till now I used to use Paytm's android app. I had heard a lot about Free charge but I (mis)judged from its name (as its 'free') that it must be some spam or scam site. It was so foolish on my part to not even open and check what site is all about, but thanks to your arrival, now I believe its something legit and I should replace Paytm's app with Free charge's.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 ×

Hello Avinesh,
Paytm is also a good option, but only for one time as it provides exciting offers only for new users and not for existing users. You could see on Facebook page of Freecharge that there are almost 50 to 60% people who were using Paytm and now shifted to Freecharge. I am happy free(re)charger since 6 months and there are many more. Its good decision to shift on Freecharge.
Bravo.. You are first commentator of this blog.. Welcome to Enosal.


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