How to Use Your Android Smartphone as a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

What are the important devices that give input to the computer? Of course keyboard (that gives actual input and the mouse as supplementary still essential device for navigation). Although there are wireless keyboards and mouse are available in the market, do you know that you can use your android device as a wireless keyboard and mouse without spending money for replacement of current ones with wireless accessories?  In this article, we are going to have a look on the same trick that will illustrate how to use your Android Smartphone as a wireless keyboard & mouse.
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How to Use Your Android Smartphone as a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Let’s see the trick to transform Android device in to wireless keyboard and mouse. We will use the application named BT Remote PC.

# Step 1

First of all, install these apps on your both devices (one on Android & another on Computer)

# Step 2

Make sure your Bluetooth connection is running and your android device is paired with your computer. Now start the Desktop client, it will start in minimised mode. There is no requirement to change the default setting. If you have changed it by mistake, then right click on the icon appearing in the notification area and click preferences.  Check first and third option and hit OK.

# Step 3

Now, Start BT Remote PC app on your Android Smart phone. Click on the Bluetooth icon (as Wi-Fi option is available only in premium version) and click on the Bluetooth name of your computer.

How to Use Your Android Smartphone as a Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

# Step 4

Now, if everything goes perfectly then you could see the “Connection Successful” message above the notification bar of computer.

# Step 5

After that, you could see four options on the Android screen namely Mouse – Multimedia – Presentation – Power

  • Mouse – You can use your smart phone as mouse, with left and right click functionality.
  • Multimedia – You can use your smart phone as computer’s multimedia player remote.
  • Presentation - You can use your smart phone as a Presentation slides remote (such as power point)
  • Power – You can use your smart phone as shut down button, to turn off computer.

# Step 6

To use your smart phone as keyboard, click on the small keyboard icon located at top right corner in the app and start typing through your Android keyboard, the text will also appear on the computer screen.

# Step 7

To Change the preferences, click on the small circular icon located besides icon of keyboard (upper right corner) on your android device. You can personalise it as per your choice/requirement. You can find numerous setting related to mouse setting, multimedia setting, and presentation setting etc in the app.

So, definitely try this trick and don’t forget to share your opinion. Comment with your issues if any difficulty occurs. Have a look on other stuff related with Technology.


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