The 5x Faster Alternative to Bluetooth in Android

Transferring files between two devices with wireless connection has really changed now. Previously (if you remember) we used to transfer files through infrared feature which was quite slow. Later Bluetooth came into the picture and changed the traditional way of transferring files through wireless connection. Now, more and more inventions are taking place and technology is changing/improving its form day by day. Wi-Fi is generally used for using (or sharing) Internet from other devices but it can also transfer files between two devices. Did you know that?
Wi-Fi has capability to transfer files 5 times faster than Bluetooth. In this post we are going to view the same trick. How to transfer files between two devices (Android) 5 times faster than Bluetooth.

The 5x Faster Alternative to Bluetooth in Android

Some apps like ES file explorer provide facility to transfer files through Wi-Fi but a beginner could find difficulty while using it because the setting is little bit messy thus we are going to use user friendly app “Flash Transfer” (not available on Play Store, don’t know why..!!). Let’s have a look on the steps.

# Step 1

As Flash Transfer is not available on the Play Store, you can download it from this link. Install the app in your both smart phones. Make sure the option “Unknown sources” is ticked in security. That is your permission to also install those apps which are not available on Play Store.

# Step 2

Start the App. Now, you will be asked to enter your name and upload your avatar (display picture).
You can enter your nickname and select any avatar available in default (no need to upload your own). Now click on the Save option (upper right corner).

# Step 3

Do this also on second device. You could see the homepage of Flash Transfer after that. In order to transfer files, click on the “Phone interconnection” button (“Connect with friends” in previous versions). Couple of options will appear - CREATE CONNECTION & SCAN TO JOIN accordingly.

# Step 4

In first (or any) device, click on the first option CREATE an Group (Yes, app has typo) and in other devices click another option Join that Group. Now, in the device other than first you could see the name of first device, click on that name. You can do this from one or more than one devices. You have to select the files that you want to send and then just shake your device gently to send those files.

# Step 5

On successful connection you will see the two or more than two avatars and names on the place of Phone interconnection button.

The 5x Faster Alternative to Bluetooth in Android
  • App – Use this option to share any app or game installed in your device.
  • Image – Use this option to share any image available in your device.
  • Media - Use this option to share any video file available in your device.
  • File - Use this option to share any file available in your device.
  • History - Use this option to view your ongoing file transfer or previous file transfers.

# Step 7

Always use the Close option provided in upper right corner in the app while closing. It will close your tethered Wi-Fi hot spot or connection otherwise your Wi-Fi hotspot or connection will remain easily accessible which will make your device unsecured.

Most Important – Make sure that your data connection is turned off while using flash transfer as it creates unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot from your device thus in meantime (during file transfer) anyone can use your Internet connection without any efforts.
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Yes, there are some small bugs (technical errors) in this app but still I find this app better than any other in order to usefulness, user friendliness and also through technical aspect. Our phone is really smart, let’s be smart and use its smartness. Got stuck anywhere in between? Don’t worry, just comment here. I will try my best to help. I am sure, you will leave that traditional method of file transfer and adopt this advance, time saving method from now on wards.


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