How to Keep Screen On in Android for Selected Apps

There are many tricks for saving battery consumption in smartphones like android. One of those tricks is to keep lowest screen timeout so that it immediately turns off screen in defined period. No doubt it works fine and saves battery consumption but while browsing certain apps like web browser, adobe reader etc, it could be irritating that continuously tapping on the phone screen so that the screen doesn’t turns off. Does it irritate you or not?  Today we are going to have a look on the app that will keep the screen on, on our behalf and hence we can enjoy uninterrupted phone surfing.

How to Keep Screen On in Android for Selected Apps

     The compact app of not more than 2.50 MB will do this job for us.  We can set conditional settings and the app will keep our screen on while browsing those apps.
There are certain features of this app. Let’s check them out.

# 1  Conditional Applications –

     As mentioned above, this app gives option to keep the screen on in certain apps. This means the app which are not selected will not be affected thus your phone will not consume too much battery.

# 2  Charging Condition –

     I think this is an unnecessary feature but still some people might require this. You can keep your screen on while charging your device and you can directly see how much your phone is charged without unlocking it. This will affect the charging time and it will take around 30% more time to charge fully (depending on device & brightness). However, you can change the brightness to dimmed mode from system default mode in order to save battery consumption.

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# 3  User Presence –

     If your device has a front camera then this app can detect your presence. This feature is one of the important features as you can set condition for the applications that keep the screen on when certain app/s is running and the user is looking at the screen. In first feature, it keeps screen on irrespective of user presence throughout the time till that app is running but in this feature app will detect the user and keep the screen on only if any user is detected. If any user is not detected then it turns the screen off. (The user means not only humans, I tried on cat.. It worked)

# 4  Screen Off –

     Although the name suggests that this app is only for keeping screen on but this app can also be used for turning your screen off. First of all, you should permit this app for turning off the screen. Further you can set this app to turn off screen in portrait mode or landscape mode both also for turning off the screen while facing down (mobile) irrespective of orientation. It also has an ability to use the proximity sensor to turn the screen off.

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     I usually spend my most of the time on my smartphone for using e-books, whats app, and intellectual games so with the help of this app I can enjoy all of this without being interrupted. How was the article, do you find this app useful or have a better alternative?  Don’t hesitate to comment here.


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