Opera Mini Vs UC Web Features Comparison

Most of us never use inbuilt web browsers in Android because they are slow, time consuming and similar to Internet explorer. There are many options available in the market. Today we are going to have a look on the side by side comparison of two browsers from the market which are popular. This comparison will make you clear in your mind which one to choose.
Opera Mini Vs UC Web Features Comparison

Let’s check out the comparison between Opera Mini Vs UC Web.

  Particulars      Opera
Advertisements Yes
(2 image blocks on homescreen)
(text ads on homescreen)

Icognito browsing No Yes
Plugins No
(social media integration inbuilt)
(available in store)
Themes No
(default theme only)
(available in store)
Brightness adjustment No
(system default)
(custom or auto)
Auto Clean Browsing History on Exit No Yes
Night mode No Yes
Page Preloading No Yes
Cloud Acceleration No Yes
Link underline No
(otherwise as per page default)
(if enabled)
Simultaneous Download Yes
(depending on ram & processor)
(Max 6 at a time)
Client preferences No Yes
(I-phone or desktop)
Rotation Preferences No
(follows system)
(defined or auto)
Bookmarks/Save Page Yes Yes
Text only browsing Yes Yes
RSS based suggestions Yes No
Save passwords Yes
(permission required)
(auto save available)
Network test Option Yes No
Speed Dial Yes Yes
Fit to screen Yes Yes
(single colum view option)
Play store Rating 4.5
 (27,84,581 votes)
(12,75,566 votes)

This is totally compared by me hence results are based on my experience. How was the comparison? I will not conclude the final decision because it totally depends on personalized needs. Did you choose any of the above? Great, now share this with your friends and don’t miss these Android special articles. If you are using both of the above then don’t forget to share your opinion.


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