Pixlr : All in One Image Editor for Android

I have seen in many forums asking for the suggestion regarding useful image editor in Android. I have personally tested many of the photo editing apps available on Google playstore but I conclude that Pixlr (known as Pixlr express) is a good editor as far as basic + little bit advance features is concerned. In this post, I will try to illustrate main features of it so that you can also enjoy ultimate quality results from this app. Please note, this post is especially written for newbies who want something more than instagram to decorate their profile pictures and other images. However advance users can also get useful information through this post.

Pixlr also has online portal of tools to use it on computer but I think the Android app is developed in such a way that we don’t need to visit their portal. There are more than 100+ resources available in the android app (don’t worry, it will not consume your too much space).

Pixlr : All in One Image Editor for Android

I am going to focus directly on the features of Pixlr and here we go.

# 1. Photo Collage – 

     Do you love photo collage? It brings all of your memories on the screen at a time so you don’t need to play slideshow for that. You can create beautiful looking photo collage with this app within a couple of minutes.  There are more than 60+ layouts available so you just have to select photos and layout of choice and it’s done.

# 2. Adjustments –

     It’s nothing but the bunch of utilities given under a single head. Adjustments include some popular features like doodle, stylize, heal, focal, splash contrast, blur auto fix etc.

* Doodle You can draw anything on the screen and that will appear on photo. You can select brush, size and colors.

* Stylize This feature will give a cartoon style effect to your image also there are more effects included.

* Heal You can heal/remove any object from the photo. This option will help you to do so.

* Focal This feature will focus on particular object/person in photo. Basically this will make invert selection blur and thus selected part will appear clearly.

* Splash This is similar to blur, but this option removes each and every color within the photo except one that you choose. Other features are common and thus we are leaving that part.

This is how pixlr looks while editing any image

# 3. Effects –

     There are basically 8 main effects and 160 sub effects. You can download any effect of your choice or even whole collection within app. You can find unicolor, vintage, creative, soft, subtle & too old effect sets in
effects tab. However another effect known as stylize effect is given in adjustment tab.  I would like to share interesting part of it, you can preview (realtime) any effect on actual photo without applying it unlike default photo editor.

# 4. Borders –

     Any photo editor is incomplete without border feature. Pixlr has 10 sets of master borders & each set has 20 borders. Border sets like nature, pattern, ripped paper, rounded corner, squared, film, grunge & ink are included.  You don’t need to browse each of them every time when you edit the photo perhaps you can choose & bookmark your choice in favorite section.

# 5. Fonts –

     This is masterpiece of pixlr. Varieties of fonts are available in this app to add any text in it. There are 8 main sets of fonts and each of them has 20 fonts (each font in a particular set is of similar type). Pixlr has a collection of set of fonts like sans, serif, dotted, grunge, handwritten, novelty etc.

# 6. Stickers –

     Set of stickers like symbols, tattoos, accessories, nature, marks are included. There are basically 14 sets of stickers (you can choose which to download). Each set has nearly 10/12 stickers.

These are the main features of Pixlr. Although the app looks small on Playstore, the actual size increases with the each additional set of feature that you download. After reviewing the app, I conclude that pixlr is worth using default photo editor in Android.


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Thursday, January 28, 2016 ×

Great article. I glad to found your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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MHM 13
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 ×

How to add custom fonts on pixlr android???

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 ×

Hi MH13, I don't think there is any option to add custom font in pixlr android but you can do it on the web version. How To Use Your Own Fonts On Pixlr Editor : www.pixlr.com/blog/how-to-use-your-own-fonts-on-pixlr-editor


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