10 Tips to Maintain Android Device Properly

Android is buzzing around and it’s almost everywhere, in every pocket, in every hand. Do you use Android device? then you should read this article to properly maintain your device. Proper maintains not only increases device life but it also gives smooth performance as per its maximum capacity.

10 Tips to Maintain Android Device Properly

Let’s check it out the methods to maintain android device

#  1.  Clean Junk Files –

The most irritating part is you see many junk files created by apps that we use. First of all clean junk files during a specific time span, you don’t need to do it manually as there is an app for that. The popular app is Clean Master or you can even use updated version of ES File Explorer. Do this every week if possible.

#  2.  Uninstall Unwanted Apps –

If you are not using certain apps regularly then it is better to uninstall such apps. You can anytime download updated version from Google play store to use it when required. Such apps keep running in the background and demands space on your ram and consume battery.

#  3.  Take Backup –

If you have any sensitive data or large files then take backup and store it at a safe place. You can store it on computer, external drive or even in the cloud.

#  4.  Don't Overcharge –

It doesn’t matter if your device shuts down due to low battery but don’t overcharge your device in any case. Overcharging decreases battery life of a device. You can carry latest power banks if you don’t want your device to turn off due to low battery.

#  5.  Keep Free Space –

Do you have fully loaded device? It’s good for you but not for device. Just delete unwanted data / files or move it to other place such as PC / External hard disk / cloud etc. When device reaches at 100% storage stage some functions might not work properly.

#  6.  Let Battery Drain Completely –

Do you charge your device every time when it asks so? Don’t do it next time. Draining battery completely increases battery life, at least make sure battery drains completely at least once in a month. Start charging only when it turns off due to 0% battery level.

#  7.  Don’t Remove Battery Directly –

Removing battery from device directly can raise performance issues. ALWAYS turn off the device while removing battery. Even if device hangs, wait for a while and try to turn off the device.

#  8.  Update Antivirus –

Do you have any pre-installed default antivirus app in device? If not then head to play store and download popular antivirus (after checking reviews).  Make sure you are updating antivirus app time to time, at least once in a couple of weeks.

#  9.  Scan it on Computer –

Although you have antivirus on device but scanning the device with antivirus installed on computer is a good practice. Don’t just rely on the security of android application. Connect the device through data cable and scan it regularly. This will make sure security measures for your device. You might like to read

#  10.  Scheduled Turn Off / Turn On –

If you are using customized Android ROMs like MIUI (for Xiomi) then you can schedule turn off / turn on your device through settings but If you are using normal android then you can use apps like Power Off to schedule such boot. Scheduled turn off during night time can save battery power.

Did I miss any? Just comment your android tips, I would like to hear.


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ashar ahmed
Friday, January 01, 2016 ×

nice and useful tips.. will work on it.

Friday, January 01, 2016 ×

Ashar, Thanks for the feedback. Stay tuned :)


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