10 Tips to Maintain Computer Properly

Although the world is going crazy about going on mobile, there is a big class who still use the computer (and I’m one of them). I find computer more convenient and user-friendly when it comes to managing website / blog. If you are a computer user then this post will definitely help you to maintain your computer properly and that will make sure smooth functioning of the computer. This is a list of 10 power tips for computer maintains. If you are also using Android device, In that case, you also would like to read “10 Tips to Maintain Android Device Properly"

10 Tips to Maintain Computer Properly

Let’s check out 10 Tips to Maintain Your Computer Properly

#  1.  Must Install Antivirus –

If you are using a computer (especially with internet connection) then there is no other option. You must install a good antivirus in order to prevent the computer from virus attack. You can use it (antivirus) or lose it (computer). Make sure you are updating your antivirus time to time.  An antivirus program is your virtual assistant for computer maintains.

#  2.  Servicing From Experts –

Frequent scheduled servicing from experts / PC technician decreases changes of issues in your computer. Set servicing schedule as per your usage of the computer, such as if you are a power user then once a month, if you are an average user then once in three months etc.

#  3.  Use System Tools –

Use system tools such as disk defragmenter, disk cleanup etc in order to maintain good health of a system. Such tools are available in the system as well as available in your antivirus program and I would suggest a must have software CCleaner for such tasks.  Although free version of CCleaner is enough, but paid version will give more performance. Such tools make computer maintains easier by making available various tools in one window.

#  4.  Don’t Click Un-Trusted Links –

You might see an email in your inbox pretending that you have won a million dollar lottery, but use common sense before clicking such links. How could one win a lottery in which he never participated? This is nothing but part of dirty tricks to grab money from your pocket.

#  5.  Scheduled System Scan –

Having antivirus is not enough, you must perform scheduled antivirus scan for the whole computer.  Make sure the antivirus virus database and antivirus program are updated before whole computer scan.

#  6.  Uninterrupted Power Supply –

Do you often face power fluctuations where you are using the computer? Then you must keep a unit of an uninterrupted power supply which makes sure that fluctuations in power supply won’t damage your system. Although this is a one-time investment, this reduces the chances of possible expenses for repairs of the system. UPS unit is a must-have component when it comes to computer maintains.

#  7.  Keep Free Space –

Are you facing storage full notice?  It’s time for you to make some free. Delete unwanted files, use cloud storage services or buy external storage hard disk. Drive space makes computer maintains easier by making free space available for important system tasks. You might like to read this post

#  8.  Keep Hardware Clean –

Make sure your hardware such as a monitor, CPU is clean. Not only operating system requires scheduled cleaning but also hardware requires it.

#  9.  Never Ignore System Notice –

If your system is notifying you about any security issue the never ignore it. Sometimes we often click ignore and we have to pay for such negligence later in the form of repairing expenses of the computer. The computer maintains results in a healthy system.

#  10.  Think Twice Before Using Public Wi-Fi –

The easiest way to infect your system is injecting virus through public Wi-Fi. Try not to prefer connecting with such public Wi-Fi connections, especially in the case of online transactions.  If there is no other option then use virtual private networks such as private tunnel.

Did I miss any? Suggest your methods of computer maintains.


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