5 Reasons Why Street Shopping is Amazingly Popular

What is your favorite place for shopping? Some of you will say malls, some of you will say e-shopping and etc etc etc. Although e-commerce industry is in boom now days, do you know street is shopping is still amazingly popular in India.

5 Reasons Why Street Shopping is Amazingly Popular

Let’s check out the reasons of this amazing popularity.

# 1.  Low Price Tag –

When it comes to price, you always get things at cheaper price with street shopping. Sometimes or usually always you have to sacrifice with the quality but on the other hand you get things even at craziest up to 95% discount as compared with branded showrooms. The duplicate shoe of Nike or Adidas is available in market with almost 100% identical name like NlKl (well that’s NLKL with trick) orAdidqs etc. That’s too much funny but highly cheap in price point of view.

# 2.  Huge Variety of Products –

Huge variety is available in products and brands while roaming on street. When you roam in streets in India you will finally give up walking but still you can see street sellers with their products. Huge and Huge variety is available while shopping means if you have enough cash in your pocket and not sure what to buy then you will end up with at least couple of carry bags with full of products in it, if you are shopping lover.

# 3.  Negotiation is Most Important –

Here comes the best part. Negotiating is an art and if you could manage to learn it then you would definitely save many bucks while shopping on street. One of my friends bought a belt for almost 20% of value initially quoted by seller, so you must be aware of the original price or at least price range of the product before you negotiate otherwise seller will win the game with more than 100% profit.

# 4.  It’s a Quick Deal –

Street shopping is as quick as you can, say you can buy any product by street seller while standing on traffic signal which is usually lasts for a minute. ‘Offer – Price Quotation – Negotiation – Deal – Acquiring Product – Payment’ everything happens in a minute usually in case of deals on traffic signal. Usually such deals are cheap priced deals.

# 5.  You Can Argue With Seller –

Another good part is, you can argue with the seller almost anytime during purchase. That’s the trick usually used in negotiating on the price of product.  You can even usually return/exchange the product within some days if you know the location of seller.

Indian house wives are masters of street shopping and if you are new to this kind of shopping then consult any of masters to save your money.


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