How to Create Your Own E-book With Easy Method

Today we will explore the easiest method of creating our own eBook. If you can type and use basic computer software then you can definitely create your own eBook in PDF format.

How to Create Your Own E-book With Easy Method

Before starting the procedure make sure you have these programs installed on your computer.

# Microsoft Office (Available on Almost all Computers)
# SaveAsPDFandXPS Extension (Download it From this Link)

Ask these questions to yourself and answer it.

- What is topic of your eBook?
- It will contain how much pages?

Now, head towards and find any free to use image related with your topic of eBook. Make sure you also copy the link of the website to include in eBook.

Start Writing Content

# First page will be your eBook cover, design it as you want. Select large font size for the eBook title. You can also include the image you downloaded earlier.

# Second page will contain information about eBook author, designer etc.

# Third page will contain index of eBook

# Fourth page will contain information about the eBook and topic of eBook.

# Fifth page will start eBook as appeared in the format as mentioned in your eBook index. You can create as many of pages but small eBooks are preferred by most of the readers.

# Last page will contain the credits information, such as image credit, information credit etc. Insert the proper related links on this page.

Proofreading and Pre-Publishing Reviews
Once you have done with writing part, save word /PowerPoint file and read it twice from the beginning. It makes clear if there is any typing or any other kinds of mistakes. You can take reviews from your friends / relatives regarding your eBook.

Publish and Promote

When it is ready to be published then open that file and click on the Office Button (top on left hand side on screen).

How to Create Your Own E-book With Easy Method

- Then click on Save As
- Type eBook name in File Name section.
- Select PDF in Save as Type
- Finally click on Save

Wohoo, Your e-book is created successfully. Now share it with your friends and use sites such as to publish it on the internet. I will be more than happy if you drop a link of your eBook here.


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