How To Learn Any Thing From The Internet

Right now you are reading this blog post which is written on 24th December 2015, and no matter what the current date is, you are still reading it and some (or most) of you will love this method too. Although you are reading this, I am doing my own work right now and you are accessing this post from your device. Isn’t that amazing? That’s the beauty of learning online which I use almost for everything that I want to learn. Internet gives us opportunity to learn almost anything, from any corner of the world and the best part is it’s available anytime..!!

Today we will see how to learn almost anything (absolutely anything)
from the internet.

# 1.  Searching is an Art and Science –

While searching what do you type decides what results you get. Although the Google has advance data mining technology you should try to be as much specific as you can. Google search bar is not just an ordinary search bar, you can search with many ways other than simple text. I will try to cover the important features of google search bar in a separate blog post. The most important thing to remember is ‘be specific for what you are searching and shorter is better’.

# 2.  Don’t be Limited to Web Text –

You can always find anything in text on the web but there is also some other kind of material available on the web. Don’t be limited to the text, find available videos on various sites such as youtube, dailymotion etc. Finding related images is a tricky part but if you can do it then you will end up with valuable information especially try to find infographics as it usually contains lot of information in structured manner. Alternatively you can get eBooks regarding your topic. Now a days there are great apps available in various app stores, try to find the app of your need.

How To Learn Any Thing From The Internet

# 3.  Join Good Community –

A good teacher is worth a good book. You can join community or forums, discussion boards etc. There is always someone who knows more than us, so follow such profiles and thus you can learn from communities regarding your topics of interest, although if you didn’t find information anywhere on the internet you can ask for it in the community and experts will provide it, this is my personal experience. Let me tell you the secret, I was totally new in domain reselling business and on very first day I joined a well known community site and followed experts from that community. Eventually I managed to gain profit more than $1,000 within a year with the mere investment of $100, that’s the power of community.

# 4.  Alternate Language –

Can you understand more than one language? Then why you don’t try to find information in the alternate language/languages. If something is not available in one language then it might be available in another language.  Make sure you are typing properly in that alternative language.

# 5.  Record Useful Results –

Most of the information is spreaded here and there on the internet thus there is no proper format, you should try to pick the specific information of your need. The best practice is create a MS word or notepad file or simply use  pen and paper and write down the information in proper format so that next time you can access it easily.

I am following these methods for most of the things I learn, you can also try these methods to learn almost anything from the internet.


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