Instant Audio Blogging Guide for Beginners

The traditional way of interaction with the public is verbal communication but today especially in the era of technology mediums like blogs, status/photo/video updates playing a vital role in communication on a global level. Today we are going to explore comparatively new kind of online communication technique.

Instant Audio Blogging Guide for Beginners

Audio blogging, which simply means recording your voice and sharing it on the internet with the world. This is beginner’s guide of Audio Blogging.

What is Audio Blogging?

Audio blogging means recording your thoughts in your own voice and sharing that recording with the world through internet. This is comparatively new kind of blogging method as compared with traditional text & video blogging.

Audio Blogging Pros & Cons?

Pros :
You can post blog from anywhere, through any device that supports recording & the internet.

Completely verbal, so it requires less typing efforts as compared with text blogs. So you can focus on the content.

Readers can hear you while doing their activities, no need to stay in front of the screen.

Cons :
Can’t update once published – Once audio is recorded, you cannot update it unless you are an expert in audio editing. You have to replace the whole audio post.

People are unaware of this new concept thus you get comparatively less audience. It will take time for worldwide adoption of this concept.

How to Create Audio Blog Post?

You can use any ordinary device which supports voice recording to create audio blog post but if you have smart device such as smartphone or tablet then it’s more than enough for an ordinary audio blog. If you would like to create high quality audio posts then it’s better to have proper recording mice (which you can buy around $10, Rs. 600 online)

- Create rough notes on a piece of paper or anywhere that seems comfortable for you, write down points on which you would like to speak.

- Think before recording, Just meditate about your topic. I would say, spend 60% time on thinking/meditation and use rest of 40% time on recording audio post.

- If you are using Android device then you can use applications like Smart Voice Recorder which skips silence while recording, which ultimately helps in reducing post size and makes easier for the audience to hear.

- Try to find as silent location as you can in order to keep distracting noise away from your audio post.

- You can record as long as you want but make sure it’s interesting through audience point of view.

Platforms for Audio Blogging

#  1.   Sound Cloud

One can really use this wonderful site for broadcasting audio, Sound cloud is packed with good tools for audio bloggers. You can embed your SoundCloud posts on your ordinary blog or website.

#  2.   Own Internet Radio Channel –

Some sites like provide facility to create own internet radio channel so anywhere can subscribe & listen your Audio blog with just one-time configuration in settings.

#  3.   Smartphone Messengers -

It may sound funny but yes, you can use popular messengers like What’s App to create an audio blog. There is no limit for broadcasting a message on whats app so you can collect mobile numbers from the interested audience and adding them in your broadcast list can work as a personalized audio blog. You have to request your audience to save your mobile number in their device in order to receive broadcasted message.

You can promote your audio blog via social networks or even re-publish it through normal blog posts by embedding it in the post. What do you think about this concept? Would you like to try this?


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