Google Wants to Learn Our Language, Let’s Help Google Translator

We often use Google translator to translate content from any other language to our own language but to be honest, such translation is literally horrible when it comes to whole sentence or phrase. Although such translations are horrible, funny and silly right now, the situation is improving day by day as Google asked for help in order to improve Google translator.

Google Wants to Learn Our Language, Let’s Train Google Translator

In other words, Google wants to learn our language so that translator will be accurate while translating any content from any language in our language. Say English to Hindi or Hindi to English, or English to Marathi, Gujarati to English etc. Anyone would be able to translate it even in Google docs. Right now google translator is very good on technical front but it is facing difficulties in accuracy in results.
Why should we contribute in Google translator?

No doubt, Google is a commercial company and it will think about profit but in this case, I request you to have a look on another side. When a school going kid from the state of Rajasthan would ask for information on a particular topic then he might not get results in his own language but there will be thousands of pages in English regarding that topic, but should he give up just because he can’t understand The English language? Google can help him to convert a page of any language in his own language but the quality will not remain the same (without our contribution) as Google needs guidance regarding native language speakers. google translator will be automated tool for everyone who would like access content from any language.

How can we contribute in Google translator?

Make sure you have logged in your Gmail account and then visit this google translator community link:

Select the languages which you would like to contribute. One major language will be English as we have to convert words/phrases from that language in our own language.  If you are not sure about the correct answer then you can skip as many times as you want. Google translator is free to use and we should contribute in its growth as much as we can.

We Can Contribute in just three steps

See - Translate - Submit (or skip)

Masculine or Feminine?

In The English language, we rarely find such issue as compared with language like the Hindi language. In such case just translate the word or phrase in the way you would like to see in google translation results. For example,

# English - is going
# Hindi (Masculine) – जा रहा है
# Hindi (Feminine) जा रही है

In such case, I would like to see this translation for both Masculine & Feminine so we can translate it as

# Hindi (Both) जा रहे है

Thus, in such way we can train google translator to understand phrases and words of our language.

What is the time limit of contributing in, Google translator?

Well, there is no time limit at all. You can do this activity whenever you want as per your schedule. You can translate as much as words / phrases as per your maximum capacity.

What is expected other than Translation in Google Translator?

Well, we can validate translations which are already translated by other contributors. You can see one English word / term / phrase and then single or multiple options and you are supposed to choose accurate and wrong translations, Means you should click on tick symbol if the translation is correct and click on cross symbol if the translation is wrong. If you are not sure about the correct or wrong answers then you can skip as many times as you want.

Who will receive benefits from Google Translator initiative?
Frankly, everyone will be benefited from this activity, let me illustrate

  • You – Your translation skills will improve
  • Non-English Users – Anyone from the world who can’t understand English will be able to access content from your language and the speakers of your language will be able to access the world of internet.
  • Google – No doubt Google will receive benefit but, on the other hand, Google is giving an opportunity to access its advanced technology in your language for free.
  • Tourists – Suppose if any Australian tourist is arriving in your city (say a village in Madhya Pradesh) then he/she will be able to translate notice boards / shop names etc which is written in the Hindi language in The English language. Don’t you think this will increase tourism?
  • Information – Yes, the most important beneficiary party is information itself. Translating any content in any language from any corner of the world for almost free of cost, how amazing it is? Don’t you think so? A kid from the school in Japan could access best Hindi articles in his own Japanese language.

I request you to join this good cause and contribute in Digital India concept. Google is seeking our help to translate and I’m sure we can contribute at least 10-15 minutes a day. Ask here of there is any doubt.

PS – Probably you won’t see this genuine initiative of google translator on Full Page Ads in your newspaper. What do you think about this initiative?


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