I have Deleted Facebook, Whats App & Instagram, Here is Why..!!

Hey there, it has been a long time since I posted something on this blog. In fact, I haven’t published a single article since I got Adsense approval. Anyway, today I want to share my new experiment with you all.  This experiment is about uninstalling my facebook, what's app & Instagram applications from my phone. I haven’t deleted my profiles yet because it’s still an experiment and I consider myself enough tolerant to stay away from these things without deleting it.

I have Deleted Facebook, Whats App & Instagram, Here is Why..!!

Well, I am going to appear for an examination in December and that is the main reason why I uninstalled these constant notification firing applications. I was not an addict of these social networking apps but I realised that I was spending more than enough time to keep myself connected in such pseudo social world.

Other Aspects
Even though examination was the main reason for this experiment, I did some research about it and found that it’s not only about time but also about our psychology. We use to have or project a fake image of ourselves on such so called social platforms but when we compare our actual life with the life of others, in reality, we don’t actually compare our life with their life but with their social life (social media profile).  The comparison is a human tendency so there is nothing wrong about it but when we are comparing two things, those things must be similar in nature irrespective of their size or other aspects.

I have Deleted Facebook, Whats App & Instagram, Here is Why..!!

You can’t compare apple with a watermelon if you want to check the quality of apple, you must compare it with another apple for fair results. When we go wrong, it ultimately affects our psychology in a negative sense because we keep ourselves under the charisma of pseudo social happy world and when we think about our problems we couldn’t relate it to our social friends because no one usually talks about it to maintain a fake happy image.

Pros & Cons

There are pros as well as cons in this experiment and I would like to share that one by one.

- Get more time in a day and a no disturbance in routine
- Get relief from constant message notification tones
- No need to reply to those forwarded or unwanted ‘hey there’ messages
- No need to know what a friend’s friend is eating & checked in place
- No need to polish selfies with filters for the sake of likes or attention
- No need to tell the world what I am doing or feeling or reading

- Will miss important updates or exam notes on groups
- Will miss late night chats and photo sharing
- Will miss birthday reminders and thus wishing too
- Will miss stalking those ‘special’ profiles :D
- Will miss all good things that were possible only on these networks

How am I Feeling Right Now?
I was feeling some kind of loneliness after I uninstalled those apps but then I started for looking good alternative options to truly connect with my friends with whom I really want to communicate. I subscribed for a good voice calling plan and started calling them, let’s see how it works. I realised that I have more time to do the things that I want to do and thus writing the blog post is one of them. I am feeling inner peace in my mind and I am going to utilise it for my studies as well as for doing my creative work.

What’s next?
I have eliminated these platforms from my personal levels but still I might use it for professional purpose but it won’t have any relation with my individual profiles and everything will be operated under brand profiles and that too on facebook only.
I am going to focus on my studies and not sure how long will continue this experiment, it might last for 3 months or even forever.  I have no hesitation to say that I have no idea what’s next but till then I will enjoy my inner peace and will keep interacting in the real world.

I have concluded that social media is a great tool for communication and lot of positive things can happen with the help of facebook, whats app, Instagram and other social networks but due to human tendency we are not using it in a right sense (and these services are using this fact for their business) and thus as a whole group of social media users we have created a pseudo social world and we are missing the magic of real social world. The things of the pseudo-social world are overpowering the things of the real social world and thus I have decided to stay away from pseudo social life and such pseudo social happiness. I am done with pseudo social life, have you?

You can have a totally different opinion on this topic and I respect it, wanna say something?


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