Getting Started With Stock Market ?

While writing this second article in last whole year, I really don’t have any intention to set or break the records of inconsistency in publishing blog articles but I was (and still) giving more preference to explore the knowledge and opportunities to learn something new. I am yet not sure that how consistently I can write articles but whenever I will share something, I would give my best for it. Be sure about it.

Today, we are going to have a look on a service which is breaking the barriers of traditional ways of investing in the stock market. I am so impressed with this service that I have opted in for their partnership program and I have the financial interests in this company.  You are requested to do your own research before joining.

Getting Started With Stock Market ?

The number of active investors in stock market investors in India is very low as compared to that of in developed countries. However, the number of investors in other class of investments is around 10 crores. I think the difference between two of them is because of the lack of proper knowledge and lack of financial literacy. With the average population of India of less than 35 years, I see a very good opportunity for synchronisation of financial awareness, latest technology, and energetic minds.

Zerodha, a broking firm established in 2010 to provide the best platform for the traders/investors to trade and invest in the stock market. Today Zerodha is growing with a client base of 2 lakh+ clients and a daily turnover of around Rs.10,000 crores. Zerodha claims to be the first discount broker in the country to introduce flat brokerage price. It means a trader will have to pay the flat rate of Rs.20 for his trades as a brokerage irrespective of his trade amount. Investing in equities is completely free through Zerodha.  One can also invest in mutual funds through Zerodha. Amazing technology, cheapest pricing and wonderful overall user experience are the main reasons to impress me.

If you are paying high brokerage or willing to start investing in the stock market then Zerodha could be a good option for you, as they are focusing on the new investors and helping them to get started in the stock market. With the profits of Rs.120 crores, Zerodha is planning to invest in some startups to improve their service.

Why One Should Go With Zerodha?

# 1. Technology –  I am a great fan of technology and believe that we can multiply our potential with the help of technology. The beautiful minds behind the Zerodha think the same and they have advanced trading platforms for web, desktop, android & ios devices. They also have the charting system with 100+ candle patterns and signals. Clean, simple and fully featured user interface is what makes it great.

# 2. Pricing – If you want to invest in equities (regular stocks) then you don’t have to pay anything in order to buy, hold or sell in the form of brokerage. You can calculate upfront cost before investing using their cost calculator and the best thing is that they don’t have any hidden charges. Zerodha charges flat Rs.20 per trade for the trades other than equities.

# 3. Support – Zerodha has introduced programs like Zerodha varsity to learn about the stock market. They also conduct a live webinar on Youtube twice a day to demonstrate their platform. One can simply comment and ask their queries. Nitin, the founder of Zerodha personally replies to the every posted comment on the blog.  They also have different support mechanism to resolve the queries.

Zerodha is further planning to implement direct account opening with Aadhar card and coming up with several other good initiatives such as Opentrade, Pulse, Rupee tales etc.

In a conclusion, I would say that Zerodha is a next generation trading platform and if you are interested in investing in the stock market or directly or through mutual funds then you should go with Zerodha.

Disclaimer: I am not only impressed with Zerodha but also have vested financial interest in the company. Readers are requested to do their own research before joining.


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