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Quick Introduction

         Welcome dear, I am a computer geek of 21 from Pune (India) migrated from Mumbai (India). Currently, I have pursued bachelor's degree in commerce as well as enrolled for company secretary course. At the moment, there is no technical qualification related with the IT industry that I posses rather than MS-CIT but yes, Google has taught me a lot and I also learnt most of the things from the experts existed word wide. I always try to focus on acquiring and applying practical knowledge as I believe that having a piece of paper (certificate) without practical knowledge is absolutely worth nothing. The piece of paper is not important as far as sectors like blogging and online marketing etc are concerned, where strategy and performance matters the most.  My progressive mindset and frequent responses from readers motivate me to share knowledge that I acquired from this world & from my own experiments and to provide support as far as I can give my best.

Blogging Story
         I remember, around at the age of 14, I was sitting in cyber cafe and surfing various sites to share some interesting scraps with my friends on orkut. I came across the advertisement of creating own website.  As that was the first time, it was curiosity for me. I immediately clicked on it and got confused as the words like web hosting, domain name and similar stuff was totally new for me, so I found that everything complicated and hence concluded that creating a website is none of my business although it was within my topics of interest. 2-3 months later that incident suddenly striked in my mind and then I Googled this, Create own website without technical knowledge. As usual the list of results appeared within a fraction of second and I randomly clicked on one result, which was wall.fm website, a portal for beginners to create own website without much technical knowledge (say drag & drop DIY website builder). Then somehow I created my first website in my mother tong with some static pages having some scary looking images, everything that used on that website was horrible but unintentional.

         I deleted that website few months ago as it was literally horrible, containing almost 90% useful but copied content.  Later I came across various such DIY sites but somewhere I was not happy because it was not that which I was looking for. Day by day I was discovering new things related to this sphere and then I realized the world beyond Gmail, Google, Maps and orkut. Another day in that period I created a blog on blogger and my blogging journey started from that point and today it’s almost 3 years of my blogging career have passed and still it's going on. Currently, I am sharing the knowledge and on the other hand still learning undiscovered stuff which is no doubt enriching my knowledge day by day. Today I do write on 3 places and couple of blogs is mine (previously I created 4 blogs which didn't survive). Enosal is my latest blog focusing on technology & lifestyle. Today based on my little experience, I am confident about blogging and at the same time I know there is much more to learn.
This is my learning strategy
Other Experiments
         I love experiments because there is always something new pops out through experiments and we can learn most of the things from it. My other experiments include creating actual websites (I mean without DIY builders). I created around 10-20 websites with different functionality such as forums boards, social networking site, webmail,  url shortener, wp etc. In that I used auto script installers (advance type of DIY builder) on various hosting portals like 000webhosts, Hostinger etc. Experiments, ignorance and the unwillingness to maintain are the three reasons that not a single site could survive.

         Once I thought, domain reselling could be a good business and after little bit research I immediately booked couple of domains (and three more, after some period), just imagine one weird domain was with almost 4 hyphens (which is never sold). I listed all of them on the godaddy auction portal with the intention to sell. There is no need to tell the results of this experiment, each and every domain I registered is still pending in auction portal for the first bid

Update - I sold some of my domain holdings with triple value and purchased more from the earnings. Recetly I sold a bitcoin related domain name (within a week of registering) at good value for me (XXX). In meantime, I came in contact with the experts from domain reselling business and learnt many things practically, more than that I even dealt with a domain appraisal scam fortunately without loosing anything. Today I have more than 30 domains and eventually I have plans to sell those (currently parked and already received double amount of Investment, so any possible sale value is profit for me).

         The list of experiments is very long, successful experiment takes place as blog post while unsuccessful experiment appears in various forums sometimes, so that I can correct the errors. As I said earlier, each experiment teaches me irrespective of success or failure in a different way that’s why I emphasis on the acquisition of practical knowledge.

         Immediately after writing this piece of content something went wrong in my CPU so I opened it. Dust particles, complicated wiring in that cabinet was not new for me but frankly speaking, I was (and still) unaware about how it works.  I don’t remember what exactly I did but that didn't work and the case became more critical. Finally I hired an expert and he settled this matter within couple of hours and now my computer is working fine. I observed what he was doing, and hope it will help me while next time I open it again during any issue. This is what I usually do, observation & application. Maybe that's what practical knowledge is all about.

Future Plans
         Predefined goals play and important role in the success, isn't it? I have formulated few goals in coming future (wow! This seems interesting in the beginning). I am not going to tell everything in detail but some of my major goals are learning coding (JavaScript especially) and some designing programs like photoshop, illustrator etc and so on. I hope I can cover these goals within couple of years as well as I will also focus on my academic career. I believe that academic career and extra curricular activities can go hand in hand effectively if there are sufficient efforts are made.

         That’s it, this is how technology is unavoidable part of my life, hope you enjoyed it. The tagline of this blog is evolved from all of this and I am loving it so I follow it. Learn, Apply, Enjoy..

PS - I am not a great writer (and not even pretending so) as well as English is not my native language thus you may find spelling, grammatical kind of mistakes, Don't hesitate to drop me couple of lines to correct those errors.

Truly Yours     

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