About Us

About Enosal,

I am feeling immense pleasure to introduce my blog. Enosal is a technology and lifestyle blog which is engaged in publishing easy to understand content related to the various topics appear under the technology and lifestyle categories. The word enosal has no definite meaning but it’s a pretty and unique word so I adopted this as a blog title. Enosal is start up blog and it is yet to find lots of eyeballs to share available knowledge and its increasing day by day. At the moment Enosal is enjoying childhood but one the other hand it is growing with a steady growth. This blog has a simple but beautiful tag line,

Learn, Apply.. Enjoy

Our tagline is "Learn, Apply.. Enjoy" It propagates simple philosophy of learning new things, applying them wherever applicable in our life and finally enjoying the results.

About Author,

My name is Yashodhan, I am a computer geek by hobby and a commerce student through academic point of view.  I love to do experiments and to share knowledge related complicated topics such as technology. I have not completed any systematic information technology course or diploma (other than basic MS CIT) thus my posts are based on my own experience, experiments, research as well as on observations. A guy based in India (like me) loves blogging and frequent response from readers motivates him to produce more and more quality content. Read more about author here..

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